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Roman Numerals Chart 1-10

Here is a chart with the numbers 1 through 10 in Roman Numerals, as well as an explanation of how to derive them:

Number Roman
1 I This is I.
2 II 1+1=2, so we put together two I's to make II.
3 III 1+1+1=3, so we put together three I's to make III.
4 IV Although 1+1+1+1=4, writing four I's in a row would be a bit tedious. Romans came up with a shorthand for when they would have to write four of the same numeral in a row. Instead of writing IIII, they write IV. Putting a smaller numeral before a larger numeral means you subtract it from that numeral! So you can think of IV as representing 5-1=4.
5 V This is V.
6 VI 5+1=6, so we put together a V and an I to make VI.
7 VII 5+1+1=7, so we put together a V and two I's to make VII.
8 VIII 5+1+1+1=8, so we put together a V and three I's to make VIII.
9 IX Although 5+1+1+1+1=9, using the same type of construction we used for writing the number 4, we'll use to write the number 10. Since there would be four I's in a row to write 9 the normal way, we'll use the shorthand way and write IX, as 10-1=9.
10 X This is X.
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